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Hello Neighbor!

Spring is here and we invite you to join us in celebrating the community we share!

  • Rescheduled! Tuesday, May 11, 5-7 pm at Lamont Plaza, Takeout Tuesday Picnic - buy your dinner at one of our local eateries and bring it to the plaza 
  • We'll be popping up at community events throughout the summer—watch this page and our announcements for more information!


The Village’s Hello Neighbor project is designed to bring us together after a long year of pandemic isolation, racial trauma and political upheavals. Social distancing and mask-wearing have made it hard for us to stay connected, whether we are family, friends or neighbors. But those connections are vital to our health and well-being. And we are fortunate to live in Mount Pleasant, a small neighborhood recognized for its community character and warmth.




You can sustain and strengthen those qualities.

Join local businesses, neighborhood institutions, schools and residents in saying Hello Neighbor – on the street, on Instagram and NextDoor, and where you shop. Wear a Hello Neighbor mask or a button!  Put a sticker on your car window! Bump elbows or wave! And watch for neighborhood gatherings where we can reconnect and celebrate. 



What are we doing?

The campaign will include:

  • events like alley parties and porch concerts
  • a picnic in Lamont Plaza
  • a social media presence (Instagram @HelloNeighborMtP)
  • and lots of materials with the campaign logo – buttons, masks, yard signs and banners



You may see these in the windows of Mount Pleasant businesses or on your neighbor’s porch.  We will also continue to work with local food distribution programs and provide masks to food recipients. 

How can I get involved?

  • Wear a mask or a button (hola-salaaam-bonjour-hello)!
  • Say hello!
  • Put a sticker on your car window
  • Hang a banner at your house or put up a yard sign.
  • Connect with us at our events to get your photo on our Instagram, @HelloNeighborMtP
  • Email us at: