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Hello Neighbor! Hola Vecino!

Join us in celebrating the community we share!


Village members staff a table at the Farmers' Market





You can pick up a new mask for yourself or a child you know –
the new edition in blue compliments everyone!







Meet Our Graphic Designer!

Migrating to Washington, DC from El Salvador at the age of two, Fidel Salvador grew up with the inspiration of the city. He found his love for drawing from his sister’s doodles of cartoons when he was young. After graduating from Bell Multicultural High School (now CHEC) he attended Cleveland Institute of Art, where he learned  animation, 3D modeling, designing, and many other skills. He returned to DC after receiving a Bachelor's of Fine Arts in Game Designing. He became involved with local artists, helping them promote, illustrate, and design their work and upcoming events. Now Fidel works as a freelance designer for nonprofits and small organizations. Contact him at


Still Savoring Our Fall Events...


The Dance Party on October 22 drew participants of all ages, and the music never stopped!







We are still celebrating the amazing ChalkFest on September 21: the beautiful artwork by ChalkRiot, the kids and families who came to enjoy it, and all the Village volunteers who helped out.





The Village’s Hello Neighbor project is designed to bring us together and build our resilience. Social distancing and mask-wearing have made it hard for us to stay connected, whether we are family, friends or neighbors. But those connections are vital to our well-being. And we are fortunate to live in Mount Pleasant, a small neighborhood recognized for its community character and warmth. 




You can sustain and strengthen those qualities. Join with local businesses, neighborhood schools, residents, and others in saying Hello Neighbor – in your yard, on the street, on Instagram, and where you shop.  Wear a Hello Neighbor mask or button, put a sticker on your car window or a sign in your yard, and bump elbows!





Fall 2021 Banner


  For more information:

  • See us on Instagram #HelloNeighborMTP
  • Check the Village Monday announcements, emailed every week
  • Visit this page
  • Call Judy Byron, 202-422-2307 or email her at