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Partnership Committee

To promote diversity and collaboration among Village members and Partners, the Partnership Committee builds relationships with neighborhood businesses and other organizations within the neighborhood and across the city. These Village Partnerships support the Village in a variety of ways: through shared expertise; shared love of Mount Pleasant;  meeting space; food, refreshments and equipment for events; pro-bono services; and presentations, training, demonstrations, and volunteer opportunities for Villagers.   In addition, through Village Partnerships, the Partnership Committee hopes to foster a continuous commitment to diversity.   The Committee defines diversity to include race, ethnicity, cultural background, economics status, orientation and gender identity/expression.

Mount Pleasant Village members are encouraged to become customers of the business partners, clients of service organizations and , with these partners, support and strengthen the Mount Pleasant community.   These partnerships and especially Mount Pleasant partnerships are organic.  These partnerships are built on mutual neighbor to neighbor relationships, services given and received, community good will , personal respect, and professional liaisons. 


Josephine Escalante, Co-Chair
Jan Fenty, Co-Chair
Courtney Arnold
Michael Burke
Judy Byron
Bonnie Cain
Eileen Coffey
Rob Fleming
Robert Hoffman
Farzan Illich
Alice Kelly
Darleen Meskell
Rick Reinhard
Mary Rojas
Katie Tyler