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Volunteer Committee 

The role of the Volunteer Committee is to help match volunteers with committees, groups and members that need support. For direct member services, we manage the Neighbors Helping Neighbors (NHN)program. NHN has a cadre of trained volunteers to help support members with various tasks. As part of NHN we have a subset of high school volunteers, NHN Youth Corps, who help the Village with a variety of volunteer activities and events. A most significant portion of the VC is the Clusters. The Cluster Coordinators help provide outreach, support, engagement of the membership, and are a liaison with the social worker.  Specific responsibilities include the following:
  • Recruits volunteers
  • Arranges for volunteers to be cleared through criminal background checks and motor vehicle reports
  • Orients/trains volunteers
  • Fields requests for services from members
  • Assigns volunteers to fulfill service requests
  • Seeks feedback on completed service requests from volunteers and service recipients
  • Evaluates the program and adjust strategy accordingly
  • Develops and updates the volunteer training program and handbook
  • Keeps records on services (volunteer hours worked, trips made, mileage, etc.) and other volunteer efforts and provides summaries of these at Board meetings
  • Works collaboratively to plan and implement volunteer and other events/activities offered by the organization
  • Acts as volunteers and provides “back-up” services delivery occasionally   
  • Takes on other volunteer-related roles as the need arises
  • Works with the Clusters on activities