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Free Smoke Detectors

The DC Fire and EMS Department says...
The A’sia Sutton Smoke Alarm Giveaway and Installation Program is a DC Fire and EMS Department District-wide initiative to ensure that all District of Columbia homes have working smoke alarms. We are convinced that working smoke alarms are the single most important appliance in the home because they have been proven to save lives.

Statistics shows that most fire fatalities occur in homes where either no smoke alarms were present or those that were present, did not operate properly. In 2009 alone, the District lost 19 residents due to home fires. Statistics show that working smoke alarms in homes can substantially reduce the risk of fire death in residential fires.

The requirements for receiving a smoke alarm are:

  • You must live in the District of Columbia and show proof of residency.
  • You must be a homeowner and living in that home (not rental property).
  • The Department will install Smoke Alarm.

Smoke alarms may be requested by submitting a service request online. Use the plus sign to search for and complete a Smoke Alarm Request form or make any other Fire and EMS service request. Please allow a minimum of 24 hours for your request to be processed. For questions or concerns, call (202) 727-1614 or (202) 673-3331.

Please Note: The DC Fire & EMS Department will make every effort to meet the requested date and time. The units assigned to install your smoke alarms will call 30 minutes to an hour prior to your requested time to insure that the resident is home. However, if the unit scheduled to install the alarm receives an emergency call, they must respond to the emergency first. This means that they may run late or not make the scheduled time. Once the emergency is over they will call to reschedule.