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Clusters and Committees

Volunteerism is at the heart of our Village.  Committees and clusters provide the structures to organize volunteer work promote social interaction.  Click on the cluster link to read about how we group members by proximity.  Click on the committee name to see a full description of that committee's work. And contact a committee chairperson or cluster leader to jump in and help!  Email addresses and phone numbers are in the membership directory under the Members menu.


Communications Committee
Chair - Rebecca Shannon

Diversity Committee
Co-Chairs: Martha Sipple and Leo Sanchez

Governance Committee
Co-Chairs: Josephine Escalante and Jesse Bump

Finance Committee
Treasurer and Committee Chair: Ross Hamory

Membership Committee
Co-Chairs: Michael Burke and Josephine Escalante

Partnership Committee
Co-Chairs: Jan Fenty and Josephine Escalante

Program Committee
Co-Chairs: Bonnie Cain and Mary Anne Gibbons

Volunteer Committee
Co-Chairs: Robin Sandenburgh and Tess Amolsch