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New Benefit for Village Members!

Mount Pleasant Village Helps Members Obtain Social Worker Services

Sometimes life throws us a few curveballs. When such things happen, a social worker can be a great help! The Mt. Pleasant Village is pleased to announce an agreement with Iona Senior Services to provide Village members the services of a social worker. 

Consultation with the social worker is supported by Village funds and can:

  • Help you plan modifications for aging in your Mt. Pleasant home.

  • Identify home health and other resources to find solutions for living with health issues or limitations with certain daily activities

  • Help you navigate returning home after a hospital stay including finding a rehab facility to transition to your return home

  • Smooth the path when you are facing expected or unexpected challenges in your life or when you need someone to talk about a problem


Our Iona social worker is Lisa Rindner MSW, LGSW. Lisa has been at Iona since 2003 and has many years’ experience supporting members of other Villages in DC. You can view our introductory Zoom meeting with Lisa below.







 How to Request a Consult with the Social Worker

Step 1: Contact either your cluster coordinator or Village President Robin Sandenburgh at or (202) 361-3921.

Step 2: The person you contact will forward your request to the social worker, Lisa Rindner

Step 3: Lisa will then contact you to arrange a consultation and a follow-up (as needed)


Presentation on Village Social Worker Services