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Meet Lisa Rindner!

Mount Pleasant Village Helps Members Obtain Social Worker Services

Two years ago, at the urging of the MtP Village Cluster Coordinators, the Village began a search for a geriatric social worker to support Village members and their families as well as Village volunteers. We ultimately contracted with Iona Senior Services to have a geriatric care manager on call for Village members. Lisa Rindner has been serving in that role since early Spring 2021. 

Lisa is a licensed geriatric clinical social worker who has worked with older adults at IONA ever since she earned her Masters of Social Work from the Catholic University of America more than 20 years ago. Her confidential consultations are free to Village members.

Lisa loves working with the Village and is eager to help our members. She can link Villagers with services such as home health care, in-home physical therapy, meal programs, home modifications to improve safety and security, and programs and activities for caregivers. She often provides coaching about how to talk to someone who is not yet ready to receive help, but who really needs it. She also helps out-of-town adult children find support services for their parents. 


How to Request a Consult with the Social Worker

To schedule a consultation with Lisa, contact her directly at: [email protected] or (202) 895-9448. Everything you tell her, or she does for you, is strictly confidential. Lisa will inform the Village leaders that you are in touch -- nothing more.