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Village Video Cell Phone Profiles

Here’s one way to while away the DC lockdown: by viewing—and contributing your own—cell Village Video cell phone profiles here on the Mount Pleasant Village website ( 

Join the Village Video cell phone profiles. Have fun and learn a thing or two about your neighbors Contribute a 1-to-2-minute short reflection, a brief anecdote, a mini-documentation of a personal reality.  Be sure to shoot your video in a landscape/horizontal format. Then sent it to Rick Reinhard.  Send it the same way you send videos to family, by email to [email protected]  or text to 202-494-4447. 

Or try using the free download at or Videos can be shot in a couple of segments (not too many!) and Rick will edit and compile them. (Rick is learning video-editing on the fly.)

Jan Fenty Interview


New Lost Origins Exhibit


The 2nd Annual Great Mount Pleasant Mulch


Third Act Rockingchair Rebellion Shuts Down Citibank

Buds & Blossoms

Rally to Save Rosemount


Village Video Interview 47 with Mike Seifert


How to Find and Navigate the Village Videos


Mt Pleasant Village Celebrates Holi


Whim n' Rhythm Concert at Sacred Heart


Grand Opening of Joia Burger


Byte Back Computer Training


Byte Back Computer Distribution

Joint End of Year Rock Creek and Park Clusters Social


Bill Emmet Steps Down After Six Years

Espíritu Navideño in Amigos Park

Mount Pleasant Village Year in Review 2023

Santa and Mrs Claus Come to Mount Pleasant


18th Annual Chanukah Puppet Show

Meet the Street II Supremo Italian


World AIDS Day on Walbridge Place


Bancroft Pride 2012

4th Annual Mount Pleasant Pumpkin Smash

The Great Mount Pleasant Street Mulch


Mayor Bowser Walks Mount Pleasant Street


Arturo Griffiths and Mayor Bowser Talk Amigos Park


A Public Village Happy Birthday


Third Annual Vigil for George Floyd


Bancroft Spring Fair Parade


Village Video Interview 44 with Barbara Churchill


3rd Annual Mount Pleasant Village Pride Alley Concert


Terry Lynch on how 311 Works


Diversity Committee Tableing in Front of Bestworld


Volunteers Wanted for Narrative Storytelling


Alley Halloween Homage


Gala Paso Nuevo Dia de los Muertos


Village Video Interview 43 with Andrea Heithoff


Diversity Committee Tabling in Front of Bestworld


Vibrant Rhythms at MtP and Irving


Self Review of Mount Pleasant Village Conversational Spanish Classes


Village Video Interview 43 with Tim Tyler


Bancroft Tutors Plea


Bancroft Back to School Night


Village Third Annual Back to School Chalkfest


Village Video Interview 42 with Nancy Garruba


Village Spanish Class with Luz Nicholas


Stella Tarnay Tree Walk


Back to School at Bancroft


Auto-Interview with Rick - What Did I Do Over Summer Break? 


Village Video Interview 41 with Bob Greenstein


Adler Amolsch on the Village Youth Corps


Miranda Cleland on her Experience Tutoring


Two Tutoring Teams


Annual Village Picnic


2nd Annual Little El Salvador Festival


Amigos Park Community Rally


2nd Annual Mt. Pleasant Village Pride Alley Porch Concert


Pepe Gonzalez, Mount Pleasant Jazz Bassist, Takes His Quartet to the American Poetry Museum in Brookland


Captain' White's Oxon Hill


AAPI Heritage Month Celebration at Purple Patch


2nd Annual Vigil on the Police Murder of George Floyd


Margaret Goodman Reporting in From Iowa


Bancroft Cheerleader and Drum Parade


Village Video Interview 40 with Judy Fisher


Meet the Street: Haydee's


Meet the Street: Frugalista


Bancroft Tutors Talk About Their Experience


Judy Byron Hosts Another Successful Rock Creek Park Cluster Gathering


All Souls Chorus Off the Beaten Path


Village Video Interview 38 with Arturo Griffiths



Village Video Interview 37 with Vivian Ling


Village Video Interview 36 with Darlene Meskell


Village Video Interview 35 with Robin Sandenburgh


Dylan Welcomes the Chinese New Year


Artist Steve Mabley in his Home Studio


2nd Annual Scavenger Hunt


Village Video Interview 34 with Anne Stauffer


Village Video Interview 33 with Larry Rickards


Village Video Interview 32 with Lisa Bobbie Schreiber Hughes


First Day COVID Rapid Test Distribution


Village Video Interview 31 with Mary Anne Gibbons


Village Coffee Group Gift Art to Alex Kramer


Village Video Interview 30 with Tess Amolsch


Village Video Interview 29 with Aaron Myers


Meet the Street with El West and Corado's


Village Video Interview 28 with Louise Meyer


LAYC Talking Portraits Project Unveiling


Washington Women Photographers


Past Tense Yoga


Village Video Interview 27 with Judy Macaluso


Village Video Interview 26 with Houcine Mkais


Looking for Thanksgiving Housing


Mount Pleasant Lantern Walk 2021


Meet the Street Don Juan's


Bancroft Cluster Pot Luck Gathering


The Weather - from Assateague


Nor'easter at Assateague


MtP Alley Halloween


Village Video Interview with Elinor Hart


Hello Neighbor, Get Your Hot Cider Here!


Fiesta de Baile


Hoff, the Weatherman


A Cautionary Tale on Breakthrough Covid


Village Video Interview 24 with Patrick Ahern


Klingle Triangle Cluster Gathering


Amigos Park Progress


Village Video Interview 23 with Wayne Kahn


Village Video Interview 22 with Olivia Cadaval


Village Video Interview 21 with Bill Emmet


Mount Pleasant Village Chalk Fest


La Manplesa in Lamont Plaza


A Hello Neighbor Meditative Narrative Walk with Judy Byron


Reflections on Week One at Bancroft