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The Mount Pleasant Village COVID-19 Coronavirus Information

March 11, 2020

Dear Mount Pleasant Villagers,

In view of the arrival of the COVID-19 coronavirus here in DC, many of you have asked whether the Village will continue to offer its varied menu of group activities.  Because the situation appears to be changing almost continually, our best response is that they will be assessed on a case by case basis. Some activities may be cancelled; indeed, leaders of some activities have let us know that they are suspending meetings at least until the risks of gathering with others are clarified. We suggest contacting event or activity leaders or organizers to determine whether they are going on as scheduled. Similarly, leaders may want to contact expected attendees where possible to let them know whether an event is taking place and what precautions they may be taking to limit exposure to the virus. Please know also that we are monitoring advisories issued by local and federal authorities and will comply with any requests or directives coming from them.

As we all know, seniors are considered at high-risk for becoming seriously ill from the virus.  For that reason, many experts have suggested that older adults limit their exposure to other people. Obviously, the choices we make are personal, but we believe we should consider them in light of the best available information.  We hope, in any case, that all of us will take the commonsense precautions outlined by experts: wash our hands frequently, clean and disinfect frequently touched surfaces, and avoid close contact with large groups of people, especially in poorly ventilated areas.

The sources we are turning to start with the federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. The link to its dedicated coronavirus web page is: Please visit it regularly to stay up to date on protective measures you might take.

Another reputable resource is the Mayo Clinic, whose website provides information about when to seek treatment, among other important advice.

Finally, we urge you to check in regularly with the coronavirus website established by the DC government. It promises to provide up to date information about measures we all might take to protect ourselves and our neighbors during this uncertain time. It can be found at:

The Village was established in part to enable its members to find support as they face the challenges associated with aging in our community. Few of us may have anticipated a challenge of the sort posed by the coronavirus, but our hope is that through the Village we can all find the strength and resources to meet it together.  Because “self-quarantine” is a leading recommendation for weathering the growing pandemic, mutual support may become more difficult. At a minimum, however, we can stay in touch with our neighbors, fight the threat of isolation, and, if necessary, assist them to seek medical help if appropriate. We can do for each of our neighbors what we hope they might do for us. As CDC suggests, we should all have a plan for the possibility of infections among us:

If you have questions or concerns related to the coronavirus or the Village’s response to it, please contact the Village President, Bill Emmet, by email at:

Wishing us all health and safety,

The Mount Pleasant Village Board of Directors


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